Sheek Louch Reveals How The LOX Knocked Out Dipset At Verzuz


The Verzuz showdown between The LOX and Dipset was entertaining for fans in attendance and those watching at home. People expected a heavyweight bout between the legendary groups, but it was a rough night for one collective. The LOX dismantled Dipset in stunning fashion, blowing fans away with their rapping ability and stage presence. 

During a call to Sway In The Morning, Sheek Louch revealed the secret to his crew picking apart Dipset the way they did. According to Sheek, rehearsals and their DJ, Technician, played a huge role in the beating Tuesday night. 

“DJs are very important,” Sheek said. “Technician, our DJ was amazing last. When we was rehearsing, we rehearsed like crazy right, but we’ll do a song, he’ll throw on one of their shits on just to get us agitated, then right after go back. He had us in war mode.”  

Sheek revealed The LOX got a call from an old friend who recommended they perform their freestyles. When The LOX first signed to Bad Boy Records in the early ’90s, the trio was dishing out crazy freestyles with DJ Clue and more. They built a name for themselves through these lyrical sessions, which is mainly why Dipset couldn’t keep up.

“Yo, honestly Puff called us like, ‘Yo, dog, do these freestyles,’” Louch said at the 5-minute mark. “Puff called us the day of and was like ‘Y’all come from an era when y’all freestyles are bigger than some of the songs they got.’ He told us basically to stick to being you.”

The LOX had a little bit more in the tank for Dipset but decided to call an audible last minute. Participants on Verzuz have brought out guests before, and The LOX wanted to do the same to add more salt on the wounds they planned to open up.  

“We were going to bring Puff to do ‘The Benjamins,’ and then we were going to bring Mase for ‘N-ggas Done Started Something,’ because we know he don’t fuck with them,” Sheek said.

Elsewhere in the conversation, Sheek revealed Cam’ron was pivotal in everyone getting a fair contract for the Verzuz battle. Cam was in it for both parties and wanted to make sure everyone got their pay. 

“Cam was like very influential—he wasn’t going for a certain price, he was on his shit,” Louch explained around the 18-minute mark. “He was like ‘I need this amount of money, The LOX need this amount of money.’ He was on some shit like that the whole Verzuz shit. He was on some crazy business shit.”