SIGNS: Was Massive Miami Mall Police Response Over Aliens & Not Unruly Teens?


Miami could be the next Roswell based on the alleged extra terrestrial activity that occurred there earlier this week. According to multiple reports, the staggering police presence at Miami’s Bayside Marketplace shopping center was in response to a disturbance caused by a large group of teens. The youngsters were allegedly fighting and looting, however, there were reportedly only four total arrests—despite the large police response.

Eye witnesses at the scene of the incident claim there was something much more sinister on the ground at the mall. Apparently, police were shooting at aliens that were purportedly at least 10-feet tall. The incident became a trending topic on Twitter (X) with more than 20,000 tweets flooding timelines on January 4. One user claimed the aliens were able to blend in to the crowd and may have had telekinetic abilities.

Multiple conflicting reports allege that thousands were left without powere as a result of the incident and even claim there was an airport closure as well. News reports all point to unruly teenagers as the source of the conflict though. Check out coverage of the incident below.