All River, MA-based Hip Hop artist Sinical shares another story-telling knockout in his latest single and video “My Time.” Sinical’s emotive lyrical deliverance leaves it nearly impossible for audiences not to transcend themselves into his realm of thought. His performance depicts the internal struggle of chasing one’s dream to create music but at any cost.

In the video, we see a chilling backdrop of Sinical in a dark room with torn-out pieces of notebook paper with lyrics encompassing him. Sinical conveys the feeling of being trapped by the same thing that brings him comfort. With a swinging light over his head, Sinical offers a synopsis of how his mind picks apart information. The flickering of the light captures his ideas filled with self-doubt.

The Fall River native delivers a captivating cinematic film, where at the conclusion audiences are compelled to root for the underdog. Sinical was raised by his single mother and grandparents. He wrestled early on to sustain a relationship with his father. Although his connection with his mother is surrounded by turmoil, music has been his escape. During Sinical’s teen years, his life fell into a downward spiral, being kicked out of his home and then expelled from High School.

Sinical’s journey is not one that can be matched or mimicked by many. His experiences transitioned him into the man and artist he is today. Watch the official video for “My Time” produced by Rockwood (directed by SandoFilms) and connect with Sinical below.

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