Soulja Boy Asked For Way More Money Than A Bank Was Able To Give Him


Soulja Boy is always bragging about being the first rapper to do something, and when he’s not doing that, the Atlanta rap legend is showing off his money. But there are times when he runs into issues showing off his coin.

The “Crank Dat” rapper recently hit up an ATM, but it wasn’t the usual transaction he’s accustomed to. According to Soulja Boy and his social media video, the bank had run out of money and only gave him a piece of what he actually wanted to take out.

“I go in the bank, ask for $100,000, and they gave me $30,000, talking about that’s all they got,” Soulja Boy said while sitting in his car showing off the money. “I ask for $100,000, how y’all only got $30,000 in the bank? Where my money at? Make it make sense!”

While he deals with a minor bank issue, Soulja Boy recently gave Kanye West props for getting him back in the zone on the music side. Last month, Soulja finally landed his coveted Kanye collaboration with a surprise appearance on “First Time in a Long Time” from the yet-to-be-officially-released Donda 2.

The moment came months after Kanye left Soulja off Donda, and he wasn’t too happy with the result, but thankfully, cooler heads prevailed. Many fans were impressed with the guest verse on Donda 2, and Big Draco took to Twitter on Monday (February 28) to thank Kanye for the opportunity.

“Kanye pushed me to another level on Donda 2,” he wrote. “We need to collab more he inspiring.”