Soulja Boy Grabs Billboard No. 1 With ‘She Make It Clap’


Soulja Boy’s second comeback may be bigger than his first. The Atlanta rapper took to Instagram on Saturday (April 24) to celebrate his latest single “She Make It Clap” going No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Triller US chart.

“That’s a Billboard chart, n-gga, the fuck you mean,” Soulja Boy said in the clip he shared to Instagram. “No. 1, n-gga, independent slime. I just signed my deal n-gga. I did this shit by myself, n-gga, on gang. I ain’t had no deal, n-gga. Big CEO, on murder gang, n-gga, look.”


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“She Make It Clap” debuted at No. 19 on the Top Triller US chart, and in its second week, jumped 18 spots to take the top slot. The song is also No. 4 on Billboard’s Top Triller Global chart. For these charts, the songs rankings are determined by a formula combining the amount of views videos featuring the songs get, the level of engagements, and the raw total of videos uploaded.

Soulja Boy dropped “She Make It Clap” to streaming platforms and the single picked up steam bringing in a number of streams. The track became a viral hit on TikTok and soon went No. 1 on app’s chart. Big Draco let his fans know he’s one of the greatest of all-time after hearing the news.

“My song is doing better than rappers on a major level with marketing budgets let that sink in,” Big Soulja Boy tweeted about going No. 1 on TikTok. “And I see these rappers copying my tiktok wave they think they slick y’all wasn’t doing this last month lmao I go #1 and here they come.”

He added, “I really freestyled she make it clap on twitch then dropped it as a real song and it went viral #1 on tiktok and I got like 5deals from it im goated bro no kizzy.”