Soulja Boy Threatens To Have Blueface Raped In Jail For $2K: “Who Needs Some Money On They Books?” 


Soulja Boy is ramping up his feud with Blueface despite the MILF Music founder’s incarceration, threatening to have “booty bandits” rape him behind bars.  

On Tuesday (January 17), the “BDD” hitmaker took a shot at nemesis Soulja Boy. Blue mentioned him during a jailhouse call to the mother of his eldest children, Jaidyn Alexis. 

Soulja Boy returned fire a day later, although many on social media believe he took it too far, threatening to have Blueface sexually assaulted.  

He took to Instagram Live, flashing stacks of cash while bragging that he made $1.5 million on the day Blue handed himself in. 

“You better hope I don’t pay somebody [$2,000] to rape your ass while you in there,” he said. “I’m finna to send the booty bandits. Who needs some noodles? Who needs some money on they books? Where the booty bandits at?” 

He also flaunted his cash, claiming he’s going to give it to his Blue’s baby mamas in exchange for sexual favors.   

“She going to need some dick in her mouth for Valentine’s Day,” he added. “Now you can’t even give it to her cuz you out here trolling, and you done went broke.” 

Elsewhere in the Live chat, Soulja Boy joked about sending Blueface money before continuing to taunt him while howling with laughter. 

“You gone starve. You got to eat commissary,” he said, adding, “You got to eat pork and beans and dingling. We out here drinking lean and eating steak and shrimp. I got my dick suck last night. Did you?” 

Blueface is behind bars after violating his probation. “I love it here. It’s active,” he said in his first update from jail. “And ain’t no Soulja Boy n##### in here,” Blue added, mocking him over their failed attempt to meet up and fight.