Soulja Boy’s Ex-Girlfriend Wants To Seize His Cars And More To Collect Lawsuit Damages


Soulja Boy’s ex-girlfriend requested help to collect money she won in a lawsuit against the rapper. According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Kayla Myers urged a judge to allow officers to take her ex-boyfriend’s property to cover a six-figure judgment.

Myers asked officers to seize Soulja Boy’s lavish vehicles, which include a Bentley and Lamborghini. She also sought jewelry and large stacks of cash he allegedly keeps in backpacks.

A California jury awarded roughly $236,000 in damages and another $236,000 in punitive damages to Myers in April. Myers sued Soulja Boy for assault, accusing him of attacking her at his Malibu home in 2019.

Soulja Boy claimed he could not pay the damages due to his alleged financial struggles. The multi-platinum-selling rapper said he owed $1 million to the IRS but revealed he was paying $25,000 per month to live in a mansion.

A judge denied Soulja Boy’s motion to throw out the punitive damages in July. The judge cited the rapper’s living situation as proof of his ability to pay Myers.

“Defendant must be earning money from somewhere sufficient to pay for the rent and whatever other monthly expenses he has,” the judge explained. “In other words, defendant is paying $300,000/year in rent alone. It stands to reason that he must have some other living expenses. And that money must come from somewhere. It is not coming from loans, for defendant did not testify as to any other debts.”

The judge added, “So, although the court does not know from whence the money is coming, it is coming from somewhere. It is not an impossible inference to conclude that his overall financial condition must be sufficient to allow him to live the lifestyle he does without going into debt.”

Soulja Boy has not responded to Myers’ latest motion. He denies her assault allegations.