Soulja Boy’s ‘Secret’ Girlfriend Says She Discovered His Baby News On Social Media: ‘I Was Devastated’


Soulja Boy announced he was having his first child last month, fulfilling a longtime dream of having a son. But apparently, his “secret” girlfriend of over a decade found out on social media like everyone else — and was crushed.

Speaking to Daily Mail, Aliyah Hayes says she met Soulja Boy was she was 19 years old and it was “love at first sight.” As for the mother of Soulja Boy’s baby, Hayes thought she was simply his hairdresser and nothing more.

“I met the hairdresser maybe once or twice,” she explains. “I was really confused on their relationship. I thought she was friends with his friends. I knew she did hair. When I came across her, she was very nice to me. She knew I was his girlfriend. We would kiss and be with each other right in front of her, so I just had no idea.

“There was a Saturday I was just feeling a weird feeling that day. I was kinda sad. he was actually hosting a club I was going to attend. I decided to go to Instagram and the moment I go to Instagram, it was right there on the feed … I dropped my phone immediately. I began to feel the devastation and heartbreak of our relationship and just couldn’t understand why we never discussed this, and I’m viewing this with everyone else that follows him.”

Soulja Boy revealed the gender of the baby in an elaborate ceremony alongside the hairdresser Jackie. As the blue powder exploded, Soulja Boy grabbed Jackie and was beside himself with joy. Hayes says she would never try to take away his happiness but is struggling to make sense of it all.

“Me and him are so much closer than his fans and followers,” she adds. “I was devastated to find out with his seven million followers. I’m not a follower, I’m his girlfriend. I was Soulja Boy’s girlfriend for over a decade, and it’s been on and off, but it’s be on for awhile now, and she was just someone who would come over to do hair.

She added, “I found out with the rest of the world and I thought we were best friends. We were lovers, we’ve known each other for a decade. When I saw it, I was devastated, I dropped my phone. My heart dropped into my stomach, I fell over and started crying because I was heartbroken. I thought our future had nothing to do with another woman being pregnant. I found out their gender reveal was very last minute and it just broke my heart.”

Hayes believed they were going to have a future together, complete with a wedding and children. She says in the wake of the announcement Soulja Boy has been trying to get back with her and apologize for breaking her heart. Hayes, however, wants to move on and heal despite loving him “unconditionally.” Check out the interview clips above.