South London rapper, Ultra_eko returns with the debut single from his forthcoming album.


Titled ‘Win Big’, and boasting production by Bufera Beats, the new single is Ultra_eko on top form, delivering three minutes of new-age grime that is sure to impress. Opening with a simple refrain of harrowing, industrial tones, Ultra_eko sets the tone perfectly, hitting his mark with the eternal lines, “People used to love to see me lose, now they hate to see me win big. Used to have a lot of demons that I’ve had to make friends with.” From there, it’s a fierce and brilliantly paced onslaught, with Ultra_eko breaking barriers and imposing his sound upon the world.

Through colliding beats and pulsating rhythms, ‘Win Big’ delivers a story of triumph and retribution, blending Ultra_eko’s artistic temperament with his unique style and plenty of action. Arguably his most effective single to date, ‘Win Big’ has set the standard for his forthcoming album in perfect style.


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