Spokane, Washington-Based Lyricist A.R Tokin Strikes Again With a Powerfully Inspirational and Meaningful Banger Dubbed “GOD SHOW”


We are all nothing without the prayers and God’s support in our lives, and none recognizes that more than the first-rate lyricist and musician A.R Tokin, whose music has been born out of a journey that has seen him stare down demons that many would crumble at.

His life to where he stands at this moment—a sought-after artist whose music has gone on to attract hundreds of thousands of streams—epitomizes unwavering resilience even in the face of adversity. Life was sometimes ridiculously challenging, and to power through, he could not afford to be soft and brittle.

He had to show that he was made of something tougher than the mud God molded him with. A.R Tokin has gone on to develop one of the most impressive catalogs in hip-hop music over the last decade, and he is still going; his music is aging like fine wine, with him getting better with experience and the depth of knowledge he has acquired over the years. “GOD SHOW” is his latest banger and one that slaps like hell but still feels heavenly! The collection of those powerful beats that have signature trap-inspired hi-hats, bouncing snares, high-end 808s, some organic percussion, pounding drums, thumping bass, and atmospheric synths is why you deserve to listen to this masterpiece in your car at least once…you’ll absolutely love it.

Unleashing his masterful rhymes and wise perspectives over the high-grade production, A.R Tokin will hook you from the start all the way to the end. His smooth deliverability with his hip-hop’s vibrant voice makes you want to hear him spit all day…his is a lyrical performer par excellence. “GOD SHOW” has got everything you’d need in a rap record; inspiring rhymes, top-notch production, and a dedicated, high-caliber, inspiring performance from one of the best lyricists in the industry right now. To experience this meaningful masterpiece, follow the attached link and add it to your library instantly.

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