Stephen A. Smith Apologizes for Tweet Asking if Kim Kardashian Is a ‘Prostitute’


The since-deleted tweet seemed to be promo for the latest episode of his podcast show, where he spoke about Ray J’s old claims that Kardashian and her mother were in on the infamous sex tape that was released in the mid-2000s. The idea for the tweet didn’t turn out to be a good idea.  

People were upset with Smith’s controversial take. One of those people was NBA player Patrick Beverly who told the legendary sports journalist, “Not cool. She has kids. Should not be the tittle [sic] or topic.”

Stephen A. Smith caught wind of Beverly’s tweet and attempted to do a bit of damage control before the situation got out of hand. According to Smith, his tweet was a result of a “clerical error,” and he doesn’t think Kim K is a prostitute.    

“Clerical error bro,” Smith tweeted. “You are absolutely right. That is being corrected right now as we speak. And for the record, I don’t think of @KimKardashian that way nor would I ever speak of her or any woman that way, which I’ve stated. That’s for checking that issue.”