Stephen A. Smith Calls Out Jada Pinkett Smith Over Will Smith Remarks: ‘This Public Emasculation Needs to Stop’


The legendary sports journalist said Jada wasn’t honoring her wedding vows with her recent actions and things should’ve been kept under wraps. Situations such as her fling with August Alsina and claiming she was shocked over the infamous Oscars slap hasn’t improved her husband’s public image.

“Somebody gotta say it to Jada plain and simple: Go to the Torah, go to the Bible, go to the holy Quran, pick whatever you want,” he said. “Let’s talk about the role of a wife, at least from the perspective of just sparing him. I’m not getting in the right or wrong.” 

He added, “it’s none of my business… I know it is uncomfortable and grotesquely unfair to emasculate your husband publicly! Publicly. He’s Will Smith. How much smaller do you want to make him? How could you do this? It’s exceeded cruelty.”

If that weren’t enough, Smith also said that whatever Jada does is her business, but talking about that information publicly has to stop because all she’s doing is amplifying the heat she’s getting from people criticizing her.

“This public emasculation needs to stop,” he said. “Jada, all you’re doing is elevating the level of vitriol coming your way. Because it don’t matter what you say. There’s nothing you can say to a man to justify what you have done to Will Smith. Every time I see Jada Pinkett Smith talk about Will Smith, I cringe. We kings. We ain’t here like to be treated like that.”