Scars Of Venus Artist Kelly Monrow Follows The Whisper In Her Heart


Texas-native singer-songwriter and actress, Kelly Monrow created quite a stir with her debut album Scars of Venus. Released last year, the 12-track record enlisted many compelling songs like “Wake Up,” “Ain’t Mine,” “Jagged Heart,” “The Woman,” “Wounds,” We Found It Tho,” and “Pain Turns To Love.” 

It’s a known fact about Monrow that she likes inviting her fans into her world and shares snippets of her inner thoughts and feelings with them. In a recent Instagram post, the fast-rising artist dropped a video of herself with the caption: “What is the magic of artistry?” and talked about how she took that leap of faith and followed her dreams.

Speaking directly to the public, Monrow says: “I’ve been working in the studio for over two years now and it’s incredibly powerful. Not only the process and the growth, but I think the most important thing is that I took the leap, I took the risk. Because the truth is I’m not the best singer in the world, and I may not be the best writer, but it doesn’t matter, it’s irrelevant because for me I followed the whisper in my heart.”

Kelly reflects on her journey as a singer and motivates others to listen to their heart: “I followed my passion, I followed my truth, which was really getting in touch with my inner child, and hearing her and following through and committing to the process of what she wants. And as an adult I think sometimes we disconnect from the truth and the most authentic part of our heart because I think we are so conditioned and programmed as children to pick a lane, you want to be a doctor go to med school, you want to do this, you’re this, your label is one thing and that’s a very singular path.”

The artist always sheds light on the importance of self-love and encourages people “to take a step back, and take the time to evaluate their thoughts, feelings, and actions.” Right now, Kelly Monrow is bearing the fruits of her labor and enjoying every moment and every milestone. But this doesn’t mean that she isn’t working on new projects. In fact, the actress has a movie coming up starring multi-award winner Mickey Rourke titled 3 Days Rising

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