‘Succession’ Creator Jesse Armstrong Clears Up If Logan Roy Underlined or Crossed Out Kendall Roy’s Name


Succession creator Jesse Armstrong has shed light on a major plot point from Episode 4 of the show’s fourth and final season.

Titled “Honeymoon States,” the episode followed Logan Roy’s shocking death in Episode 3, and centered around the Roy siblings finding a document that appeared to name Kendall as Logan’s successor at Waystar Royco. However, it was never confirmed whether Logan had underlined or crossed out Kendall’s name.

While speaking at a Financial Times event in London on Saturday, Armstrong seemingly answered the question.

“This is the sort of thing I would have hated to do while we were still doing the show,” Armstrong said. “But if you were going to cross out, you wouldn’t start out underneath, would you?”

Armstrong subsequently raised his finger to his head, indicating fans to “think about it.”