TDE CEO Says Police “Harassed” Him For Tinted Windows—50 Cent Agrees


Even though Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith founded a successful independent record label in the city of Los Angeles, he still has to deal with racial profiling by police.

According to Top, he was minding his own business in his neighborhood and on his way to eat when he was pulled over and detained seemingly for the sole purpose of harassment. While he says the officer claims he stopped him because his windows were tinted, Top alleges he was handcuffed for more than 40 minutes while the officer searched his vehicle.

“No matter how much you change or how many great things you do in the community, some of these mofos still out here harassing n####,” Top wrote in part in the lengthy caption. “All I wanted to do was eat but this klown had me cuffed out front 40mins. He got folks out here looking at me like I’m a criminal. He said he stop me for tinted windows. This dude searched my car and let me go with no ticket smh. This not the type of jewelry I like. Get Josh on the phone.”

Several artists and celebrities jumped into the comment section of the post to voice their shared frustrations with Top.

“Oh they trippin for real,” 50 Cent wrote while Top Dawg’s own TDE artist Jay Rock simply added “SMH,” with an angry face emoji. Flea, fearless leader of the Red Hot Chili Peppers also chimed in on the post and wrote, “Sorry man that sucks,” and TDE President Moosa added a rhetorical question, remarking “Still n####?”

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Just a few weeks earlier, Top brought the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jay Rock out to a park where they performed for residents of the Nickerson Gardens area for free.

In addition to that, Top was also honored at the Children’s Institute of LA’s fifth annual gala after the organization raised more than one million in donations. Targeting this man right now is CRAZY—but I guess the Hip-Hop police force knows no bounds!

Check out the full recap of the Nickerson Gardens event in the post below.

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