Sukihana Meets With Dr. Umar Johnson [PHOTOS]


Controversial recording artist/television star Sukihana officially crossed paths with Dr. Umar Johnson. The two outspoken internet personalities shared photos of their meet-up on social media.


Earlier this month, Love & Hip Hop: Miami‘s Sukihana tweeted, “I think I’m ready to sit with Dr. Umar. I seen those interviews where he spoke on me and I think he might be the one to turn me into a wife.”

In response, Umar requested a “confidential meeting” with Suki to take place on either July 28 or July 29. The self-proclaimed Prince of PanAfrikanism wanted to discuss launching a campaign to combat the sexual exploitation and abuse of Black women and girls.

Sukihana did connect with Dr. Umar Johnson over the weekend. The “Casamigos (Pour It In My Cup)” performer posted two Instagram photos of them together. She also shared the images on Twitter. One of her Twitter captions read, “Met a Pan Afrikan king today.”

For his picture with the Wolf P#### mixtape creator, Umar captioned the Twitter post, “Black America’s #1 Most Requested Scholar-Orator has landed in Chicago(IL)!! 1st Visit Since July 2022 Bantu Festival.” He also added the photo to his Instagram page.

Sukihana became a trending topic after R&B singer YK Osiris kissed her without permission during an event in June. Following a significant backlash, Osiris publicly apologized to Suki. She accepted his apology and expressed a desire to move on from the incident.

In addition, Sukihana has faced her own online criticism for the polarizing sexually explicit content in her music, past OnlyFans account, and social media posts. For example, she sparked both negative and positive reactions in September 2022 by tweeting, “I want to f### Dr. Umar and leave him woke right now.”