Summer Walker Seems To Break Up With Lil Meech!


Summer Walker appears to have parted ways with Lil Meech, as indicated in a series of stark black-and-white Instagram story posts shared earlier today. In her first post, she wrote, “I tried my best to be Jayda Wayda, but I couldn’t. It was cute though. I wish him the best.”


This statement caused a frenzy among fans, especially with the second sentence, which seemed to imply a clear message. The post strongly suggested that Summer was no longer in a relationship with Lil Meech. She further reinforced this notion with a second post that left little room for interpretation, stating, “Can’t do cheatin stuff.” Although she didn’t explicitly confirm the breakup, fans swiftly connected the dots and concluded that the posts served as an announcement of their separation.

Well, ain’t that some BS!? They seemed to happy! They seemed like a lil cute ball of ratchetness!

He recently posted photos of him and his Summer together, accompanied by a caption saying “4life.” However, this declaration now takes on new significance with the recent reports of their alleged split. Ironically, summer is almost over too. She couldn’t wait until September or October to make it more ironic? Anway.

The situation garnered attention, even drawing comments from relevant celebrities. Jayda herself chimed in on an Instagram post summarizing the events. “Mfers stay tryna be cap cool in DMs, but weird publicly. That’s why I be off this s**t,” she wrote in her IG story. Jayda Cheaves is Lil Baby’s baby moms, in case you did not know. People were not feeling that either.

Well only time will tell.

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