Sydney Sweeney Says She Bought Back Great-Grandmother’s Home After She Was Forced to Sell


“My great-grandma had this beautiful house—two bedroom, cute house that they lived in,” Sweeney told Clarkson. “My grandma was born in it. My mom was born in it, and then as the kids got older, they built on the property another home. And when my great-grandpa passed away and my great-grandma got old, they just couldn’t afford to keep it anymore.”

Sweeney, who told The Hollywood Reporter last year that she doesn’t make enough from acting to take a six-month break, has supplemented her income with sponsor deals with Miu Miu, Laneige, and WonderWater. But the White Lotus actress is still in high demand, next starring in 2024 projects Madame Web and Immaculate.

Returning her great-grandmother’s home was just a token of appreciation for her family’s legacy. “Last year I called up [the realty company], and I said I want to buy my great-grandmother’s house back,” Sweeney told Clarkson. “And it’s really cool too, my granny still lives in the house next door. So, I’m neighbors with my granny now.”