T.I. & Tiny’s Daughter Hilariously Defends Her Brother King After His Dental Work Goes Viral


T.I. and Tiny Harris’ son King went viral this week following a recent dental procedure. On Friday (August 18), the teen boy took to social media to show off his new set of chompers but was mercilessly dragged for the size of them. Many believed they were way too big for his mouth. But Tiny begged to differ and pointed out they’ve always been that way.

As she explained on Instagram, “Would like to thank @drmariomontoya for giving @the_next_king10 a #BillionDollarSmile. Had to post slide 2 for the #BigTeethPatrol to show his smile been asf before; they’re just white now. Either way, he loves them and that’s all that matters! Regardless to what he does, everyone always seem to have their personal perspective of him, which is fine. -But y’all don’t really know him frfr, truth is real. fwh and the ladies love ‘em!”

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T.I. was also asked about King’s viral video while speaking to DJ Diamond Kuts on iHeartRadio. He said he “respects the actual process” his son went through to get them done. But as the group of people were laughing about King’s purported new nickname, “Chief Teeth,” T.I. and Tiny’s 6-year-old daughter, Heiress Harris, is heard off-camera saying, “Don’t talk about my brother like that!” The comment, of course, elicited even more laughter from the spirited guests.

DJ Diamond Kuts later shared the clip to her Instagram page and made sure to say something kind in the caption: “My guys pulled up on me today. make sure you check em out tonight at Helium. Full interview dropping on my youtube tonight and King ya teeth are beautiful.”

Watch the clip below.

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