Taiwan Beats Showcase at SXSW 2023: A Night of Captivating Music and Culture


Taiwan Beats Showcase at SXSW 2023 brought together music and culture in an unforgettable way. From the moment the lineup was announced, there was no doubt that the “Taiwan Beats Showcase” at SXSW 2023 would be a night to remember. 

Featuring an amazing lineup of six acts, the night showcased a variety of different sounds, from LÜCY’s captivating indie-pop tracks to deca’s collaboration with Yokkorio, to Elephant Gym’s surprise performance with 9m88. The event even had a unique theme inspired by the “Ka-tsi bag,” a woven grocery bag commonly seen in traditional markets in Taiwan. The key visual for the night was a funky twist on “Taiwan Beats,” featuring Zhuyin phonetic symbols for TWB.

The night was a huge success, with fans lining up well past midnight to experience the show. Despite a storm, Elephant Gym was determined to deliver their performance at Topshlelf Records’ Showcase the next day, making it one of their most memorable events ever.

The night began with a captivating performance from LÜCY, who mesmerized the audience with her original tracks like “Cactus,” “Birds on the Telephone Pole,” and “EYE(s),” as well as a cover of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill.” The Chairs followed with a beloved classic – Paris, Texas’ inspired by its namesake film.

Next, deca joined forces with Yokkorio for a mesmerizing rendition of “Wave,” followed by SiNNER MOON’s inaugural North American show, which had the crowd singing in unison and cheering during his rendition of “Bleed It.” At the crack of midnight, 9m88 electrified SXSW with a sizzling performance of her new album.

The “Taiwan Beats Showcase” was a one-of-a-kind night of music and culture, and it’s no surprise that it made such a splash at SXSW 2023. For more information, visit the “Taiwan Beats Showcase” website to experience this unique blend of music and culture.

Website: http://taiwanbeatsshowcase.com/

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