Tank Says R&B Needs More Mainstream Support and the Return of Jamie Foxx


The talk around R&B, and its status of it, continues to grow. After Diddy’s “R&B is Dead” conversation, TMZ caught Tank at LAX, who just recently delivered his R&B Money album. What does he think is currently impacting R&B? No mainstream love.

Speaking to the camera, Tank revealed that Chris Brown and Usher need more mainstream support.

“We are still disconnected from the mainstream,” Tank said. “We need more of that. Not just me or not just CB or not just Usher, we need more of that. When can a track like ‘End of the Road’ get to No. 1 on the Hot 100 chart.”

In addition, Tank believes what the genre really needs is the return of Jamie Foxx.

“I been begging him [Jamie Foxx] to get back in there,” Tank added. “I’m going to make him get in there.”

You can hear the full conversation below.