Texas Based Rapper Boome gives us a first look on his up and coming Album “Amadou’s Brother” as he releases a brand new short film titled 333 Angels.


This week Boome released a short film for his new song “333 Angels”. The visual introduces a very powerful short film paying homage to his late Brother Amadou. We got a chance to sit with Boome and explore his creative process.

“333 Angels” is a beautiful tribute to your brother, what was the inspiration behind the film?
This record is very near and dear to me, it’s the last song my brother and I worked on. The last verse he recorded for me before his passing. The film is a visual representation of how dark my mind has felt since he passed. I wanted to capture the nostalgia of us growing up in Atlanta with the film, the long rides and deep conversations. The deep bond and admiration I had for him as my big brother.

The film of course was very creative, beautiful angelic shots, choir singing, and just an overall great cinematic approach. Any hidden meanings we may have missed?

It’s art, so you know everyone interprets it differently. The title “333 Angels” is a double entendre. So the number 3 was my brother’s favorite number, on the flip side 333 is also an angelic set of numbers that stand for growth and expansion.

We are also aware that you released a music documentary on Apple TV + and Amazon Prime, can you give us a little insight on it?

Yes the documentary is “Satellites in Texas” it follows my musical journey and touches on all aspects of me. From touring across the country with Bun B, Juicy J, Machine Gun Kelly and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Also gives an inside look on creating the new album, and most importantly touches on my biggest inspiration my brother.

What three artist would you love to work with in the future? Childish Gambino, Andre 3000 and Lana Del Rey.

What three words describe you the best? Gigantic, Relentless and Visionary.

Watch Boome’s 333 Angels Short Film – Music Video: https://bit.ly/333AngelsFilm

Watch Boome “Satellites in Texas” Documentary Trailer: https://bit.ly/SatellitesTexas Boome Official Website: https://boomemusic.com

Follow Boome on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/boome1000

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