The Game Already Preparing for Verzuz Battle with 50 Cent


The Game is down for a Verzuz with 50 Cent.

While anticipation continues to grow for a potential battle between the former G-Unit members, the Compton rapper said he’s ready to go head to head with his rival. While promoting his new single “A.I. with the Braids” on Power 106’s “L.A. Leakers,” Game shared his hopes, saying he was inspired after watching Jeezy and Gucci Mane squash their beef during their Verzuz last month.

“That moment let me know that me and 50 is a possibility,” he said. “That’s what gave us hope. And I’m pretty sure 50 watched that like, ‘Yeah, it’s possible.’”

He and 50 have only seen each other twice since their fallout. “Me and 50 been in the room twice since we both shot at each other,” he said. “Both times we had interactions, we tried to figure out where it went wrong but we were in a club twice and that wasn’t a conversation that you could have in depth in that circumstance.”

While nothing has been finalized, Game is already preparing for battle. “That’s something that I’m entertaining, but just so you know, as soon as I saw 50’s interview, I went to my notes and I wrote down 25 [songs] that I feel that I can run up. I made a list of 25 that I can handle some sh*t with.”

During the interview, he praised 50’s catalog. “There’s enough on those first two albums for him to be able to do a Verzuz and have an amazing outcome with anybody in the game ’cause those first two albums were so monumental,” he said. “Get Rich or Die Tryin’, you could literally play that from start to end and that could be his Verzuz.”

He also boasted about his own résumé. “It’s only one artist alive that has more No. 1 hip-hop albums than me and that’s Drake, bro,” said Game. “I made my rounds. It’s an impeccable career inside of music, outside of music.”

While they’ve had their issues in the past, Game says 50 is the only person he would battle. “As far as Verzuz is concerned, that is the only person I would entertain doing a Verzuz with because it just makes the most sense and nobody else can really go with me.”

“I’m not sure that we gon’ do it, but if we do, I’m definitely down to sit in a room with him and have some Le Chemin Du Roi,” he said, referring to 50’s champagne brand.

Last month, 50 spoke about the possibility of doing a Verzuz with The Game. “Look, as much as we argued and fought in the early stages, I would rather see [Game] benefit from the momentum than someone else,” he told Big Boy. “He’s still a part of G-Unit and is going to be a part of the legacy overall.”

But there’s one condition. “He can’t play no records with my voice on it,” said 50.

Earlier today, Game dropped the 3D animated video for “A.I. with the Braids,” his new single featuring Lil Wayne.