The Game Compares Regina Hall’s LeBron James Hairline Joke To Slavery: ‘We Have To Stay Woke’


The Game is one of the most outspoken rappers in the industry. Whenever something happens, he’s sure to share his two cents regardless if people asked for it or not, such as with the Will Smith Chris Rock debacle at the Oscars.

On Monday (April 4), The Game took to his Instagram and continued targeting the Academy for not doing their due diligence on a similar incident that happened earlier in the show. Regina Hall had made a joke saying Space Jam 2 should’ve been nominated in the special effects category for fixing LeBron James’ hairline.

The Compton rap star took issue with the way no one said a word about this joke but had all the shade in the world to throw at Will Smith. According to The Game, the Academy should be dragged for not addressing Hall’s joke.

“It’s one thing to be a beautiful black woman as accomplished as @morereginahall is & not be able to put your foot down when pre-reading a ‘joke’ clearly written for her by someone else (I’m assuming a white writer),” said The Game in his caption. “But another thing to try & clown a truly family oriented man of integrity, supreme character & class on a stage where we are still not wanted & truly only get awarded when they feel they should ‘throw the monkey a banana’ as my late grand mother would put it.”

He continued, “This is the same way they set up Chris Rock with pre-written content that I’m sure they knew would outrage Jada & Will. They didn’t think Will would slap him for it & that’s where things get tricky…. Because it backed Will Smith into a corner where he acted on impulse & had to defend his wife & make a decision that they are trying to crucify him for. I’m not personally shooting at Regina Hall, or Wanda Sykes… I’m just saying, you see they didn’t let Amy Schumer read that line.”


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The “Hate It or Love It” rapper advised his followers stay woke from all the commotion and explained he doesn’t appreciate how Black culture is used by others at their own expense.

“When I crack jokes on my brother… he cracks jokes back & it’s in good humor,” he added. “It’s only when we are the butt of their deep rooted hate for us do I have a problem.”

The Game is also speaking his mind on his competitive beef with Eminem. During a recent clubhouse call, Wack 100 said the former G-Unit representative has a diss song aimed at the Detroit rap legend ready to go.

“This n-gga finna start another fire,” Wack 100 said during a recent Clubhouse call. “We starting a fire. The Black Slim Shady is coming. [Eminem] better be ready because this n-gga done went crazy … If [Eminem] responded to Machine Gun Kelly and Nick Cannon, boy… it is what it is.”