The Game Dragged By Battle Rap Vet For ‘Desperately’ Vying For Eminem’s Attention


Battle rapper Pat Stay has called out The Game for his attempt to bait Eminem with “The Black Slim Shady” diss track, which arrived on Friday (August 12) as part of Drillmatic: Heart Vs. Mind. 

On Tuesday (August 16), the 36-year-old artist posted of photo of Game, shirtless and in his bed, scrolling on his phone. The text at the top read: “Dear Slim I Wrote You But You Still Ain’t Callin,” a nod to Em’s 2000 song “Stan” about an obsessed fan. In the caption, Stay condemned “The Black Slim Shady” and suggested he was disappointed in his actions.

“I gotta say, as a fan losangelesconfidential its been hard to watch you desperately begging for @eminem attention trying to battle him,” he wrote. “Trust me, I respect the hunger, but once you start that whole ‘he only blew up because he’s white’ type sh*t it comes off more hater-ish than competitive.”


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Pat Stay also offered to step in the battle arena with Game since he apparently wants to battle a “white boy” so badly, while revealing Game blocked him on social media.

“But Game, you seem very eager to battle,” he continued. “Specifically a ‘white boy.’ Well why don’t you do a real battle and come see me. We can do it in LA. Yeah, you’re way bigger than me in the music world, of course. But in the battle world you’re the underdog, by a long shot. We can put whatever up too.

“Lots of famous rappers have jumped in the ring to solidify their positions as lyricists and real MC’s. And that seems to be what you’ve been trying to prove. So bring it. I’m that white boy you need to see first. (He blocked me and ppl msging him about it so clearly he’s not interested so stop tagging and msging him….I ain’t tryna harass the man hah…leave him be).”

“The Black Slim Shady” found Game taking jabs at nearly everything in Eminem’s life — from his ex-wife Kim Mathers and daughter Hailie to his white skin and addiction struggles.

“Ask Dre, all I got is my word, my dick and my MAC-10,” he rapped. “One thing you can never have is my muthafuckin’ Black, skin/This ain’t no suit that I wore, this ain’t a mansion to hang a plaque, this ain’t no stupid award.”

From there, Game went into the same cadence as Eminem’s Oscar-winning hit “Lose Yourself” with: “So oh, he goes platinum and oh, I’m on the ‘Math with him/He got all the Blackest friends, he wants to be African, me/Left for dead on the Doctor’s Advocate/Dre never executive produced it, I just imagined it.”

It only got more disrespectful from there. The over 10-minute track arrived hours ahead of the Drillmatic album and sparked a Twitter debate almost immediately. Check it out below.