The In-Depth Podcast: Altered State Productions’ Ultimate Guide to Storytelling


Altered State Productions has recently released a How-To Guide on the art of podcast production and the technical mastery involved in the original podcast, Echos of Influence.  Enhanced by original music, powerful audio cameos, and immersive effects, the original podcast blends an intricate web of recording, editing, and mixing, unveiling hidden techniques that transform soundwaves into pure artistry. Read on for a deep dive into the storytelling element of the process. 

In the vibrant landscape of podcasting, crafting an engaging storyline is of utmost importance. Podcasts are a great medium to connect with audiences, but due to the multitude of content available, only the most compelling stories stand out. A successful podcast is built on a well-structured narrative that isn’t just a sequence of events, but a deeply layered story that informs, evokes emotions, and provokes thought. Such a powerful storyline transcends mere sound, creating a vivid mental image for the listeners. Altered State Productions excels in this area, turning sound into captivating narratives that not only draw in the listeners but also foster a deep connection between hosts, guests, and listeners, long after the podcast has ended.

hip2 The In-Depth Podcast: Altered State Productions' Ultimate Guide to Storytelling

Upon identifying your story, the next crucial step is to dissect it into its fundamental parts. Pinpoint the main character, their obstacle, and their journey towards overcoming it. This forms the foundation of your narrative arc. Narratives about overcoming hardship or reaching pivotal milestones have universal appeal. They bring together elements of drama and emotional resolution, key ingredients for turning a simple story into an engrossing tale.

Having chosen and understood your story’s structure, the next stage involves shaping it for your chosen medium – the podcast. The anatomy of a well-structured podcast episode mirrors that of a well-crafted essay or novel. It commences with an engaging introduction to hook the listeners, followed by an escalating sequence of events maintaining their interest, a climactic peak that serves as the zenith of the story, and finally, a resolution that ties everything together in a gratifying conclusion.

Remember, the devil is in the details when it comes to storytelling. An enthralling podcast episode often breathes life into the narrative by layering it with rich details. This may involve exploring the protagonist’s background, setting the story’s context, or vividly describing crucial moments. These elements render the story more relatable, ensuring your listeners remain captivated and contributing to the overall success of your podcast.

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