The Internet Reacts to Bobbi Althoff Interviewing Scarlett Johansson


Bobbi Althoff is catching heat for her recent interview with Scarlett Johansson compared to her awkward encounters with Black guests.

In a snippet from the upcoming episode, Althoff appears to be in a normal mood while sitting with Johansson and talking about hair products. She maintains her unamused vibe but leaves the stand-off demeanor behind as the conversation goes well, to the point that the actress lets the podcast host apply a haircare product to her scalp.

People on Twitter were quick to question her actions in the upcoming episode when she acted much different in her interviews with Black celebrities such as Shaquille O’NealTygaOffset, Funny Marco, and more.

“Oh now all of a sudden she’s not awkward,” one person tweeted. Another said, “Ooh she is only awkward with black people.” 

A third person added, “Where did her entire fake between two ferns energy go?”