The Life of Fashion Model & Influencer Valadi OFF


The life of a fashion model can be exciting but also challenging. Models often have to travel frequently, work long hours, and maintain strict diets and exercise routines to keep their bodies in shape. Despite the challenges, being a successful fashion model can be highly lucrative, with top models earning millions of dollars per year.

In recent years, there has been a growing push for more diversity and inclusivity in the fashion industry. Many brands and designers are now seeking to feature models of different races, sizes, ages, and abilities to better reflect the diversity of their customer base and society at large.

Influencer on networks Valadi shares his lifestyle with passion to his community. A former professional footballer, Valadi has been very professional athletic person. As being Fashion model, he took part into Dubai fashion show by parading at La Perle in Dubai for the prince.

In his fashion career, as influencer, Valadi has also got partnership with Ice Watch or shops like kiabi, Converter, Mano and also with official stores like luxury car dealership associations.

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