The Source Music Video Review: BlakeIANA’s “See Us” Feat. Skilla Baby


The official music video for BlakeIANA’s newest single, “See Us” (feat. Skilla Baby), just dropped! The St. Louis rapper has a summer anthem and a club record, which is not easy. With a high-energy visual that matches the summer party vibe, let’s get right into it … 


Directed by Damien Sandoval, “See Us” starts in the middle of a club scene. Not even 20 seconds in, we got the vibe, and BlakeIANA and company understood the assignment. The St. Louis rapper is surrounded by her folks, and the sparkles are everywhere, with bottles popping like nobody’s business. It seems Clase Azul is the tequila of choice here, with a lot of money flashing, hookah being passed around, and everybody has a drink in their hand, including BlakeIANA. Dark liquor for her, though. Curious about what she’s drinking, but hey, the gist of it is, It’s a party, and the theme is clear – turn up. Period.



The cinematography of “See Us” is interesting. Club scenes tend to be dark, and it’s hard to pull off shots that clearly show the artist and the rest of the cast. Director Damien Sandoval doesn’t have an issue here. The shots feel like they pulled up to a real party and just started shooting, but the lighting was vibrant and not only on point. The colors were layered, and the natural lighting provided by the nightclub backdrop worked well here. Most importantly, BlakeIANA looks great, she’s directly in front of the camera most of the visual and her shots were flawless. 


The style was interesting. Everyone in the visual was wearing club attire. The ladies were dressed sexy but not over the top or too revealing. It was just a club drip, and it worked. The wardrobe also wasn’t too label heavy. It felt relatable but still was trendy enough to match the energy of the visual. Skilla Baby wore a dope Burberry Varsity jacket. It’s a new season, for sure. 


The visual to “See Us” was a party that got us in and out without trying to do too much and accomplished the mission – to see BlakeIANA and her featured artist, Skilla Baby, in their element. The party made you want to be there if that’s your vibe. The song is a club banger, and BlakeIANA gave her fans the blueprint on how to rock out when they hear it at any venue that spins her new record.