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The Untold Story of 50 Cent’s "Many Men"


Contrary to popular belief, 50 Cent was not fond of his track “Many Men”, one of the adored anthems from his renowned 2003 debut album, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. This revelation comes from Tony Yayo, a former member of G-Unit, who recently appeared on the Drink Champs podcast.

Yayo narrated how 50 Cent initially showed indifference towards “Many Men”, which later evolved into one of his timeless masterpieces. The glimpse into the behind-the-scenes story was part of a promotional teaser for the podcast episode shared on Instagram.

This was not the sole instance where 50 Cent’s name popped up on a podcast lately. Persistent speculations that 50 Cent had contributed to The Game’s songs were addressed on a different podcast. The Game firmly denied these rumors, stating, “I didn’t do no writing for 50 and 50 ain’t do no writing for me.” Despite this, the debate did not settle, with fans still asserting that 50 Cent had a hand in some of The Game’s massive successes.

Adding to the recent waves 50 Cent has made, a judge dismissed a $32 Million lawsuit the rapper had filed against his legal team, alleging a conflict of interest during a previous trial. The trial involved 50 Cent being ordered to pay Rick Ross $7 million for publicizing his sex tape amid their feud. 50 Cent is no stranger to controversies, as evidenced by his ongoing verbal tussle with Ja Rule, sparked by the latter’s unexpected appearance at the Hot In Herre Festival.


Q: According to Tony Yayo, which song did 50 Cent initially dislike?

  • Tony Yayo, in a podcast interview, revealed that 50 Cent initially did not like his hit song “Many Men” from his debut album Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ released in 2003. According to Yayo, 50 Cent showed indifference to the song which eventually turned into one of his most classic hits.

Q: What were the rumors about 50 Cent’s involvement in The Game’s songs?

  • There have been longstanding rumors in the music industry that 50 Cent had written or contributed to some of The Game’s biggest hits. However, The Game denied these rumors in a recent podcast, affirming that neither did he write for 50 Cent nor did 50 Cent write for him.

Q: What was the $32 million lawsuit that 50 Cent filed against his legal team about?

  • 50 Cent had filed a $32 million lawsuit against his own legal team, alleging a conflict of interest during a previous trial. The trial in question was one where 50 Cent was ordered to pay Rick Ross $7 million for publicly sharing Ross’s sex tape during their feud. However, a judge recently dismissed this lawsuit.

Artist Bio:

50 Cent, born Curtis James Jackson III, is an American rapper, entrepreneur, and actor renowned for his breakthrough album Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ in 2003. Raised in South Jamaica, Queens, New York, his journey from a drug-dealing background to becoming one of the world’s top-selling rappers is both inspiring and controversial. His career is filled with chart-topping hits, major label disputes, numerous legal issues, and entrepreneurial ventures. Despite the turbulence, 50 Cent’s unique narrative style and audacious persona have cemented his legacy in the annals of hip-hop.