The Worst (Best?) Celebrity Apologies Captured On Video


Apologies are awkward, even when done well. They have to be done in full measure—atoning for some of the wrongs, but not all of them will necessitate a follow-up. They have to be done plainly—being sorry “if” someone was offended does not take personal responsibility for harm done. They demand a loss of dignity and pride—the apologizer must be sincere, rather than “going through the motions” for ulterior motives.

When celebrities apologize, their fame magnifies these conditions tenfold. The public has an inherent distrust, because celebrities are used to being in front of the cameras. And in many cases, they are professional actors and performers. There’s intrigue in trying to decode what’s real and what’s BS. And there’s a lurid appeal to seeing someone, with a carefully manicured public image, be brought so low. The bigger the celebrity, the higher the fall.

Most celebrities apologize via written statements. Some go on talk shows to give a softball interview. And every now and then, we get a full video—filmed without makeup, in the smallest room of the celebrity’s palatial home, with tears and equivocation.

Here, for your morbid fascination, are the worst (or best?) celebrity apologies. Did we miss one? Let us know in the comments.

Michael Richards Apologizes for Saying the N-Word