Tisha Campbell Discovers Late Father’s Adult Film Collection, Realizes Why He Demanded to Keep DVD Player


Tisha Campbell recently found her late father’s pornography DVD collection, and the hilarious moment was captured on video.

On Thursday, the actress took to her Instagram with a video of herself sorting through her father’s belongings. Campbell’s dad passed away on Nov. 1, and one of the startling discoveries Campbell made through her cleaning mission was his large batch of adult DVDs. 

In the video, Campbell let fans know what she found as she showed the collection of films with all sorts of NSFW images on them. According to Campbell, her dad always put up a fight about throwing out his TV that came with a DVD player, and the family couldn’t understand why. Now, they finally got their answer. 

“The last time I was here, I said, ‘Dad, let’s get rid of this. Why do you even have this? Nobody even does DVDs anymore,'” she recalled. “[He said], ‘Nope, you can not take my DVD player.’ Now we know why, you nasty ass. Look at this.”