Toosii Calls Out DDG & Rubi Rose On Instagram Live


2021 HipHopDX Rising Stars Toosii and DDG are not friends and Rubi Rose got thrown into the mix somehow. During an Instagram Live interview with Akademiks, Toosii fired a round of shots at the couple while slut-shaming Rubi Rose in the process.

Toosii explained he texted Rubi Rose to ask if she was performing at a show in Raleigh, North Carolina that his little cousin was attending. Rose said she was and told Toosii to bring “baby girl” referring to his girlfriend. Toosii corrected Rose telling her what his girlfriend’s name was and reiterated his cousin was attending the show.

Minutes later, Toosii received a text back from Rose that said DDG had smoke with him and so does she. Toosii admitted he was confused but wasn’t bothered by the exchange.

“Bitch fuck you and your boyfriend,” Toosii said in the IG Live. “What the fuck are you talking about your man got smoke with me?”

DDG apparently texted Toosii and told him to stop texting his girl which only made the New York rapper more annoyed with the situation. Fans may think this beef is new but Toosii said it’s been flying under the radar for a while.

Toosii went on to say DDG has been throwing subliminal shots at him on Instagram but he’s been ignoring the issue up until now.

“Listen, gang,” Toosii continued. “If you that mad about a bitch who done sucked every rap and every fucking genre dick? Son, stop playing with a n-gga! Ain’t no need for you to have no pressure about a bitch who done sucked 35 fucking dicks before she even got to you. If you that mad, we on the same Rolling Loud date. Fuck all this internet shit. You gon’ see me when you see me.”


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Akademiks reminded Toosii that rappers are sensitive about their girlfriends and that he needs to tread lightly. But Toosii said he’s married and dedicated to his girl.

“I’m in a relationship,” Toosii told Akademiks. “Ima marry my girl, you feel me? I’m not stressing over no bitch named Rubi Rose. I could understand if I was single and a n-gga was talking crazy but I got a girl that go to school everyday, she do lashes, she a normal girl and then you going to come and bring her to the Internet shit. I really should like do this nigga, you feel me?”

Toosii makes it clear he doesn’t have an issue with DDG and nothing is going to escalate past this point. But if DDG really feels a way that Toosii had a text conversation with Rose, then Toosii knows where he stands with his fellow Rising Star.