Torrei Hart Denies Having ‘Beef’ With Kevin Hart, Has Known Katt Williams ‘For Years’


Hart also said that opening on Williams’ Dark Matters tour will allow her to get out of the Lift actor’s shadow. “I’m coming from a place of ‘It’s my time,'” Hart told TMZ. “I’ve been doing the work for years and now it’s my time. So yeah, definitely, it is helping me emerge out of the shadows. A lot of people don’t know I’ve been doing comedy for almost 15 years. This isn’t new. I’ve been putting in the work from chicken shacks to the main stages. I tell jokes anywhere, I don’t care.”

Hart added that she’ll also be embarking on her own comedy tour titled ‘No Hart Feelings,’ which begins in February, but said that making her own moves is “no shade at all to Kevin.”

“Whatever’s going on between him and Katt, that’s not my beef,” she said. “I have been with no one, okay?”

Earlier this month, the Jumanji star wished his ex-wife “success” on her endeavors with Williams, although he shaded the latter in a tweet while promoting his new Netflix film.