Tracy T Recalls ‘Extortion’ Plot That Led To MMG Exit: ‘I Ain’t No Sucker’


Tracy T was once signed to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group imprint, and he’s revealed how things went awry when it was time to put pen to paper during contract negotiations.

Speaking on the Big Facts podcast alongside his boo Kash Doll, Tracy spoke on how contract negotiations soured after someone alleged the Detroit rapper was already in a contract with them.

“I’m signed with Maybach. A n-gga come with a fake contract who I used to talk to in ’09,” he explained. “He come with a whole fake contract with my signature on the contract.”

He continued: “Come to find out him and Rozay cool. I’m like hold on, n-ggas trying to slick extort me or something. Then Rozay told me to, ‘Go with it.’ Man, it was a fucked up contract with my name on it.”

Tracy T quickly called his lawyer who got him out of the tricky predicament and Tracy T ended his relationship with MMG. “I got with my lawyer and I got him get me out the contract,” he said. “I ain’t finna be no sucker for none of this shit. I can’t sleep at night knowing a n-gga extorting me.”

The 30-year-old clarified that there’s still no bad blood between him and Rozay after the business contract mishap. “It was never no bad blood,” he said. “He was pushing for a n-gga strong… But just as a businessman, I just don’t feel that was a good business decision for me to stay with the shit going on.”

Tracy T signed with MMG in 2013 with Fat Trell. He went public with the news that he’d left the label in 2017. In more recent times, Tracy T unleashed his “Ballin Like Me” single in June via his MoneyBound Ent. label.

Tracy T’s comments come after Rick Ross recently revealed he’s never had to take anyone he’s worked with to court. According to the MMG mogul, it’s because he’s always respected those that have worked with him.

“You gotta realize when you a young artist I’m sure after you become successful whatever you look back on you will consider it a bad contract,” Rick Ross said during an interview with the Beyond The Chair podcast. “Have I ever been taken advantage of? No. Have I ever been robbed? No. Have I ever had to sue someone I was in business with musically? No.”

He continued: “It was just the way I moved I guess. Whoever I was in the contract with we always had an open phone conversation, so if there was anything that was a problem I presented it and just explain it to me. If it’s respectable I’m gonna respect it because I always felt like any contract I signed whatever couple years it was I could work myself out of this.”