Travis Kelce Reacts to NFL Commentator’s Taylor Swift References During Pregame Coverage


Travis Kelce tipped his hat to the NFL Network’s Rich Eisen this past weekend after he used several Taylor Swift references during a pregame analysis of the star. 

On Sunday, Eisen used the pregame coverage of the Kansas City Chiefs and Jacksonville Jaguars matchup to have fun at the expense of Kelce. As he was discussing Kelce, Eisen used several Swift song titles to describe the two-time Super Bowl champion.

Eisen shared a post on Instagram featuring a montage of the references.

“Well, even though that bone bruise in the injury one would think is ‘Delicate,'” Eisen said. “He’s been able to ‘Shake It Off.'”

Another clip has Eisen going harder with tSwift references and including even more song titles. 

“I should’ve known that ‘All Too Well’ that you would not know,” he adds.

“You saw it on Thursday night, when Travis Kelce wasn’t in there, it left a ‘Blank Space,’ but I think he returns today and proves to be the ‘anti-hero.’ Never goes ‘Out of Style,'” Eisen also quipped

“Alright there the Chiefs, oh Kelce coming out, ‘August’ is over now September,” he continued.

In the caption, Eisen wrote, “Look what you made me do, @killatrav.” Kelce appeared amused, and gave Eisen a salute for the creativity behind the references. 

“Well played Rich…. Well played 👏🏻😂,” Kelce wrote.