10 Facts About ‘The Continental: From The World Of John Wick’


Ian McShane’s portrayal of Scott has easily turned the notorious manager into one of the franchise’s most beloved characters. As a person, Scott is stern yet sensible, with a moral compass that has often acted as Wick’s north star. He also boasts a high social status that informs his authority, respect, and vast connections. 

As a character, Scott has often served as a catalyst for major events throughout the John Wick movies. Whether he was personally helping Wick orchestrate a plan, pulling strings from behind the scenes, or forced to make deadly decisions, Scott played an integral role in unfurling Wick’s story and even determining which direction it went in. But Scott’s authority and prominence in the world of John Wick was no easy throne to get to—a lot of sacrifice went into getting his coveted position, and The Continental is sure to explore just how much. 

7. Winston Scott is a mentor and father figure to John Wick.