Trick Daddy Trashes Khia For Slandering Trina: ‘We Not Singing That Ugly Hoe Verse’


Trick Daddy has sided with Trina in the Florida rapper’s ongoing spat with Khia who has rehashed the 20-year-old beef the pair have been embroiled in.

Khia has never taken her foot off the gas when it comes to antagonizing her longtime foe Trina. The pair’s two-decade-long feud was reignited in 2020 when Khia said she’d roast Trina in an Instagram Live battle.

Trina was later asked about the claim made by the “My Neck My Back (Like It)” rapper in an interview, and once again took some time to drag her old nemesis.

Since then, cooled tensions have once again started to simmer, and Khia tried to provoke Trina further on Tuesday (September 6) by giving her 20-year-old diss track “The K-Wang” the visual treatment.


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Trick Daddy, Trina’s longtime ally and collaborator, took a moment during a recent performance to share his own thoughts on Khia’s recent behavior. While performing at a club, a DJ was spinning a track that featured Khia, but Trick cut the song off before Khia’s verse even began.

“We not singing that ugly hoe verse. Nope, nope, nope,” Trick told the audience. “That hoe tried to get smart and talk about Trina, oh hell no. That long titty ugly Trick Daddy looking-ass bitch. That bitch ain’t getting no play tonight.”

He then went on to perform “Nann,” Trick and Trina’s 1998 hit record.

During a recent sitdown with Drink Champs, Trina openly spoke about her longtime feud with Khia and said her disrespect often went too far over the years and implied she’d be open to facing off against her in the Verzuz ring.

“That’s not the first time she said something to or about me,” Trina said. “It’s not about that. Like I said, I would battle anybody. It is what it is. I have records, I get on stage and do what I do and if you another female artist … I’m ready.”

She continued: “But when it comes to this particular person, the level of disrespect is beyond. I don’t know you. If I don’t know you, I’m not entertaining or feeding into you, that’s just me. Now, it’s two sides of me. It’s this side that’s this polished side, but then I’m from Liberty City, Miami, Florida. That’s the real part. Yes.”

She then implied that she’d be willing to fight Khia if the moment ever called for it.

“I’m from the streets and when I see you, it’s on sight. That’s vibing, so I’m not going to be doing any of that […] It’s not even really a beef. I don’t have beef with you sweetheart.”