Truth Ali Releases New Mindblowing Album In Vivo


Truth Ali mesmerizes audiences with his new mindblowing album titled In Vivo, a 17 joint record home to some of the best Hip-Hop you will ever listen to. Songs like “Wait A Minute,” which also comes alongside its magnificent visuals, or “Random Thought,” “Guns In Space,” and “800 Pounds Gorilla,” are some of the most accomplished tracks that made it to In Vivo’s tracklist. 

The effortless mastery displayed by Truth on most songs is quite impressive, knowing that on most albums, we usually find 1 or 2 songs that stand out, but in Truth Ali’s case, it is quite the opposite. Revealing his total passion for Hip-Hop, Truth Ali perseveres on his successful journey and once again prove sto the world how talented and inspired he is, and for those who still haven’t had the chance to listen to one of his joints, make sure to stream In Vivo for the full Truth Ali experience.