Tudy Guapo Jumps Back with “Nice To Meet You” EP


The city of Santa Ana may not be one that you immediately think of when you think of rising hip-hop acts, but Tudy Gaupo is here to change that. Introducing himself with an 8-track EP, “Nice To Meet You,” the artist is off to a great start in 2023.

Guapo’s style is full of mournful bars that display his tough-as-nails attitude and real-life day-to-day situations, which have caught the attention of thousands of fans.

His songs display masterful hip-hop artistry and songwriting capability with various influences ranging from Latin and urban scenes. This diverse medley of inspiration only aided him in crafting a unique but dynamic soundscape incomparable to anything currently coming out of Los Angeles’ rap scene.

With style very much in line with the dark, highly pressurized flows of other underground hip-hop icons, he established himself with a string of mixtapes and singles that have earned him attention from fans and praise from peers.

Check out “Nice To Meet You” below. https://open.spotify.com/album/4oFroFCOfhZfUzg2Z2cxAv

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