Twitter Can’t Handle Chris Pine’s Wild Workout Fit


Chris Pine is the latest celebrity to have one of their paparazzi shots become a meme.

A candid photo of the Don’t Worry Darling actor has caught the attention of social media users who found his fit to be worthy of the meme cycle. Complete with shaggy hair and a coffee cup in his hand, the 43-year-old was spotted in a quirky workout ensemble, with black athletic shorts over snug leggings, a gray top with the PBS logo, rose-colored flip flops, and a rainbow-striped cardigan to round out the look.

That very sherbert jacket from the Elder Statesman is currently retailing for $2395.

Pine, who was named GQ’s most stylish man last year, was photographed in the ensemble as he was grabbing coffee after a dance class in Los Angeles on Friday, according to the magazine. Pine is apparently known for wearing interesting and fun outfits while he’s out and about in L.A. Unlike typical gym looks, GQ notes Pine favors combining techy gym wear and unconventional accessories like clogs or socks with Birkenstocks.

Check out some of Twitter’s best reactions to Chris Pine’s viral look below.