Tyler, The Creator Reveals He Originally Made Frank Ocean ‘She’ Collab For Snoop Dogg


Tyler, The Creator performed at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles on Thursday (March 31) as part of his Call Me If You Get Lost Tour, which was also streamed live on Amazon Prime Video. At one point in the show, Tyler addressed the crowd and revealed he created the beat for “She” with Snoop Dogg in mind.

“I originally made this beat for Snoop Dogg but I had no way to get it to him, so me and my big homie did this song, and it goes like this,” he said on stage.

The track ended up being a Frank Ocean collaboration and appeared on Tyler, The Creator’s debut album Goblin in 2011.

Funnily enough, Snoop Dogg was actually played “She” months after the song released, and he liked what he heard.

“I like that,” he said during an interview with SMUG TV. “I need that. That’s hard. That’s the one that be eating the cockroach? Yeah, he crazy. That muthafucka crazy. He gave me some music. He from the Wild Wild West? I’m definitely fucking with him.”

Tyler, The Creator previously attended a Snoop Dogg show, where Snoop sang his Wiz Khalifa collaboration “Young, Wild & Free” directly to him.

Speaking to GQ in 2018, Tyler, The Creator explained how he disliked Goblin, but named “She” as one of his favorites.

“When I made Odd Future, I was onto something,” he said. “Just the energy that it brought in and the people that came around. We have our Internets now, we have our Earls, we have our Franks, we have our me’s, and I just think that’s really cool. I was just thinking about that the other day. I was listening to some old stuff and I was like: That’s cool.”

He continued, “Some of it has aged well. Some of it. I think Goblin is horrible. I think Bastard is cool. The only songs I would keep from Goblin are “Yonkers,” “She,” “Nightmare,” “Tron Cat,” “Fish,” “Analog,” and “Au79.”

Revisit the music video for “She” below, which has over 73 million views.