Underground Rap Star “The Real J.T.W.”Announces New Album – Set To Drop This Year, In Late 2023


The Real J.T.W. is a well known underground rapper/songwriter who took the internet by surprise in late 2020. He dropped his first album with no label titled “The Good & The Bad”. This album consisted of 8 tracks. He had a track off this album titled “SHATTERED” which opened the door for him with some big opportunities. In late 2020, a producer who goes by the name of Soulburnin, took a liking to his music. The two started working together on his first professional recorded album titled “WATCH ME BLEED”. This album consisted of 15 tracks. Two of his songs made some serious noise, titled “DAMAGED” and “NEW PLACE”. He made a name for himself on platforms like SoundCloud and Instagram. He has made a promise to his fans to stay active and drop one song each month. Each track has a story of its own. Some topics he would speak on are depression and addiction. Many fans have described his music to be therapeutic while others would describe it as dark but real. His music can be known to help others who battle trauma. Many people ignore the importance of mental health. As he makes it his main focus in life.

In early 2022, The Real J.T.W. recorded his second professional recorded album under Soulburnin Records, titled “PAINFUL LIVING”. This album is said to drop in late 2023. Some of the tracks off this album have already been released. One of them being titled “REFLECTIONS” which had went viral on the internet in late 2022. He also has another album under Soulburnin Records, titled “WAY BELOW GROUND” which was also recorded professionally and finished in late 2022. This album is said to drop sometime in late 2024. If their is one thing we know about him. He’s one of the best to ever do it in the underground hip-hop scene.

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