Unforgettable Lyrics, Unparalleled Flows: The Unusuals Release Lyric Video for ‘My Name’ ft. Tiffany Wilson & Theory Hazit


The Unusuals, the polished two-piece Pacific Northwest hip-hop machine, unveil a new lyric video for the blistering and catchy track “My Name,” featuring Tiffany Wilson and Theory Hazit.

“My Name” is a tour de force of wordplay by Xperience, Ninjaface, and Theory Hazit, accompanied by a soulful and touching chorus from Tiffany Wilson. The track exudes power and emotional depth, leaving a lasting impact with its memorable hook and timeless message.

With their long history of collaborations in the Pacific Northwest underground scene, including Oldominion, Grayskul, Step Cousins (XP & Macklemore), Th3rdz, and more, Xperience and Ninjaface have established themselves as a dynamic force in the hip-hop industry, and The Unusals further cement said legacy.

The track proves triumphant, and the lyric video further enhances the journey of “My Name,” ushering viewers through the narrative and the raw emotions expressed through the song. Reflecting on “My Name,” Ninjaface shares, “God works through love, keep love in your heart space, and there is nothing you cannot accomplish even during dark times.”

Immerse yourself in the lyric video for “My Name,” and you’ll be fully onboard. The track is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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