Unleashing the explosive talent of Datboykalifa- a universal singer and musician


This is the story of how Datboykalifa, a not-so-popular kid growing up, started creating music that is shaking people up in LA!

Born in South Central Los Angeles, and raised in the Inland Empire, Kalifa was introduced to music at the young age of eleven years. An avid skateboarder then, the now artist turned to music and dancing and enjoyed the works of artists such as Linkin Park, POD, Alien Ant Farm, Slipknot, Korn, and Blink 182. He got especially interested in listening to hip-hop and appreciated the music of Ludacris, Lil Wayne, Missy Elliot, Snoop Dogg, E-40, Too $hort, Petey Pablo, Ying Yang Twins and Chingy.

Even though the musician looked up to so many artists and singers, his true inspiration has always been his family. Datboykalifa says that it is his desire for creating generational wealth and breaking generational curses which consistently makes him want to do better in life. The singer, who is also a father, shares that his music too aims to highlight the ideology that he wishes to leave a legacy behind for his children.

Immensely influenced by his team, POLITIKAN Broadcasting, All Affiliates Raw Conversations and Da Winning Team LLC-of which he is the founder and CEO- the musician & singer says that it is a blessing to have people in life who urge you to keep moving forward without caring about the outcomes.

Viewing himself as a universal artist, the underground singer doesn’t believe in categorizing his music into any one genre. He says that even though he is primarily a hip-hop and rap artist, he is going to drop his first alternative rock EP called THE GHETTOROCKSTARZ, on 1st June.

IMG_7303-375x500 Unleashing the explosive talent of Datboykalifa- a universal singer and musician

Kalifa is not only a singer but a celebrity photographer and content creator for concerts, music festivals, fashion shows and cannabis events. He wants the world to know about his music and tries his best to put his music out there. So, he regularly hosts red-carpet events and conducts celebrity interviews. The singer believes that building relationships is the best way to move ahead in the music industry.

Unlike other singers, Datboykalifa doesn’t want to be the only one to succeed. He wants everyone to be their best versions and achieve their dreams. This, he says, is what sets him apart today since people don’t want to see others winning.

To Kalifa, music is everything. The underground musician says, “Music saved my life; if it weren’t for music, I would be in prison or dead. I was inspired in the most influential way by music which helped me get through tough times in life. To me, music is very therapeutic.”

Datboykalifa has recently released the official music video of his song called SMOKE, along with eight singles in the last six months. SMOKE is out on YouTube and is receiving a lot of love from lovers of hip-hop.


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