Vallyre Proves Simple Doesn’t Mean Boring: “Bloodsweat”


Vallyre, a pop/dance artist from Boston, Massachusetts, released her new song titled “Bloodsweat” along with a self-produced, short 44-second music video. Growing up, the artist took singing lessons at the acclaimed TrueVoice NYC Academy, later continuing her studies at Iron Work Studios. Her musical palette is pretty diverse and exciting; it seems like she can perform in any genre. 

With memorable looks and catchy hooks, Vallyre makes sure her melodies and characters will stay with the audience longer than they expect. “Bloodsweat” is a high-quality radio-ready track relatable for everyone. Through using simple lyricism and simple soundscapes, the artist creates a unique atmosphere. She makes everything seem so obvious yet manages to spread a piece of mystery every time she sings “bloodsweat,” with her beautiful voice.