Van Jones Says His Fans Heralded Him a “Hero” for Shutting Down Rumors of Dating Kim Kardashian


In September 2021, the Internet rumor mill churned up an alleged romance between Van Jones and Kim Kardashian. Jones shut that down and was called a “hero” by his college friends.

According to Page Six, the CNN host made the reveal of his hero status in an upcoming episode of his Uncommon Ground with Van Jones podcast. Kardashian is a guest on the upcoming episode.

“So many people asked me also and I was like, ‘You guys … I need a minute before I’m out there. You know? Give me a minute, at least,’” Kardashian said of the rumor.

Jones would state that the moment was weird and would tell people they were simply attempting to get people out of prison. Jones did state “it was a cool rumor.”

In September, Jones spoke with Page Six and revealed he never put any stock into the rumors and they are indeed false.

“I never made any comments about the rumors of me and Kim Kardashian dating as I found it absurd,” Jones said.

He added, “It was flattering for me, but it probably wasn’t flattering for her.”

Previously, Jones gave props to Kim K’s criminal justice efforts and stated she would make an “unbelievable attorney.”

“She’s already I think one of the best advocates that we have in criminal justice,” he added.

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