Video Shows Charleston White Being Attacked Onstage After Getting Into Argument With Audience Member


The finals were infamously held in the “NBA bubble” at the Walt Disney World sports complex in Orlando, Florida, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the social distancing measures taken during that time.

Two Lakers fans in the audience did not seem to take kindly to White’s commentary.

“I don’t give a damn about getting booed, n***a. I already got paid,” White told the audience, as seen in footage that emerged on social media.

In the clip circulating online, a man sitting near the front of the stage suddenly stood up and revealed he was wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey. White antagonized the man, saying, “You paid to see me, Lakers jersey wearing ass n***a.”

White then grabbed a flower vase from the stage and warned, “Pull out some money. I’ll hit you on your god damn head, pussy ass n***a,” before throwing it at the man’s head. The audience is heard gasping as the man rushed the stage along with another individual wearing a Lakers jersey. 

The scene erupted into complete chaos as White is seen throwing the microphone in the first man’s direction before making his way to the other side of the stage. The comedian is seen picking up a chair, but before he can swing it, he is tackled by the second Lakers fan, and the fighting continues into the stage wing.