Video Shows Florence Pugh Hit In Face by Object Thrown During ‘Dune: Part Two’ Panel in Brazil


The incident unfolded just a few days after Ari Lennox called out someonefor throwing a water bottle at her during her opening set on Rod Wave’s tour. 

In a video that surfaced last week, Lennox is seen performing her 2022 hit “Pressure” when a water bottle flies towards her and strikes her in the arm. With no hesitation, the Dreamville singer addressew whoever threw the bottle and clarified that she had no issue dealing with the troll.

“Bitch, don’t fucking play with me, stop that shit,” Lennox said. “I’ll fuck you up from here. Who the fuck did it? Who the fuck did it, I’ll fuck your ass up cause I don’t play that. I’m a real ass bitch, and I will fuck your shit all the way the fuck up. Don’t you ever disrespect a beautiful black woman on the stage like that. I will fucking fuck you up. Yes, the fuck right, we get it bitch.