Vincent Jxmes Announces Release of New Single “ANOTHA 6”


Vincent Jxmes, the talented artist and musician, has announced the upcoming release of his newest single, “ANOTHA 6.” The single is set to drop on April 7th and is expected to be a major hit among fans of his unique sound and style.

For the creation of “ANOTHA 6,” Vincent Jxmes teamed up with Fil Vidak of Crescendo Studios in Rochester, NY. The duo was initially trying to build a beat from scratch and create an entirely new song. However, they were struggling to find the right vibe and feeling that would capture their creative vision.

It was during this process that Vincent remembered a song he had been sitting on for months in his notes. When they pulled up the file, they immediately knew that they needed to start working on it. They recorded it almost effortlessly, and Fil heard what he knew would make the song sound as clean as it is.

The recording session was four hours long, and the results were impressive. When Vincent and Fil left the studio and listened to the initial mix in the car, they knew that “ANOTHA 6” was going to be the next big hit.

Vincent Jxmes is no stranger to creating powerful and memorable music. His unique sound has gained him a dedicated following, and “ANOTHA 6” is sure to be another addition to his growing list of hits. The new single is just a taste of what’s to come as Vincent is currently working on his next project, titled “VIN DAWG.”

While details about the upcoming project remain scarce, Vincent has promised that more will be made public in the coming months. This will be his first project release since 2019, and fans are eagerly anticipating what Vincent has in store for them.

“ANOTHA 6” is set to release on all major music streaming platforms on April 7th. With Vincent Jxmes’ unique sound and Fil Vidak’s expert production, the new single is sure to be a massive hit among music lovers everywhere. Fans can’t wait to see what Vincent has in store for them next with “VIN DAWG.”

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